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Hello!  We are Todd and Tami Hair.  We were high school sweethearts who dated for nearly 6 years and married on July 6th, 1996  (July 6th is also Todd’s birthday).   After two years of married life we had our first child.  Many more have come along since then.  We have served in pastoral ministry for 20 years and therefore we have passion for both faith and family.  Todd is a visionary and Tami is a coordinator – together we are T&T (a dynamite couple) making a big impact in the lives of many people through our writings, songs, and seminars.

Our blog is a place to share our story, our faith and our family. Our goal is to encourage and empower families of every size no matter how big or small. Our hope is to relate well with our readers and become a source of inspiration to them. Because we are a large family (2 adults, 11 children: 7 girls and 4 boys) we get asked a number of questions almost every day. Questions like; Are you done? Do you drive a bus? Are they all yours? and Don’t you know what causes this? Our blog is our place to share our answers to the frequently asked questions, however it is more than that, it is our place to share what we have learned (and what we are learning) about marriage, parenting, and building a Christian home.  Thanks for visiting!  Take a moment to become a subscriber.  Also, be sure to share links and posts with your friends, coworkers, family members and Facebook friends.


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  1. Not sure about website. I am not into all the other sites. You have to remember back when you were Youth Pastor at Northview with Tommy Paino. We had a big family of 6 children. I knew your Mom and Dad. Your Mom would be quite amazed with her Grandchildren. I do not think if you remembered our son Michael. He went on to graduate from Evangel College, will finish his Master’s in April and is being groomed to take over a large company in Springfield, Missouri. But the biggest surprise is Mike is Devotion Leader at his church. His singing is just amazing and a talent we did not know he had. Your family is amazing and all are very blessed.

  2. Hi Todd & Tami, my the Lord has been good to you. What a beautiful family He has created. Your life is rich with His good treasures He has entrusted to you.
    You could yet be trying to recall who we are. We were Northview friends with your Mom & Dad and Ruby always got a ‘kick’ out of the teasing and bantering that went back and forth between her and Jim. We played lots of cards with your parents and Roger & Linda Miller. We had 2 latecomer children, sons, joining 3 sisters, who have been such a blessing to us. They are now both soccer coaches at Warsaw High and Hamilton Southeastern High in Nob.
    We travel with a Christian ministry called SOWERS and will be traveling in RV across the country helping out 5 different projects next year….! We recently returned from Billy Graham’s Cove in Asheville….truly a little heaven on earth!
    I’m tickled your blog was shared with us so we could see your beautiful family. Todd, give love to Dad (he may have married again), and Tami, make sure you give love and hugs to your dear parents who were our friends also. A very Merry Christmas to all.

    • Sorry we didn’t see this sooner! Merry Christmas and Happy Nee Year!! We have been blessed beyond measure! I’m so glad you wrote and of course we remember you! Sounds like God is still using you tremendously in His kingdom work! Great to connect again. Stay tuned for some great blog posts this year. Hit the subscribe button of you would like these blogs to be dropped into your email box.
      Blessings, Todd Tami and Family

  3. You are such a blessing in Otterbein and we are so excited to have you and your family, I cried yesterday during your closing song. I’d love to find it and share it.

  4. Hi Todd and Tami,
    I just left the women’s dinner at Stockwell UMC and listened to your family’s musical entertainment. Enjoyed it very much. it was nice meeting you afterwards. It’s exciting to know you are in the ministry at Crestview. As I stated we know several people there. I came and got on your web page . . I read you were in the ministry at Northview while Tommy Paino was there. We came back from Indianapolis 10 years ago. But, when we first moved to Indy, we attended Northview ministered by Tommy Paino. We later moved to the Westside and attended Lakeview while Pastor Paino was minister, Tommy’s father. Small world! God has certainly blessed your family. It was a pleasure.

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