Yes, it is true we are expecting our 12th child near the end of May, 2017.

So, I’ll go ahead and answer one of our FAQ’s; “Do you have a birthday inside every month?”
Answer: Nope!  May is a “new” month for us when it comes to family birthdays.

Here is the run down of months and dates we have covered if you are curious…

Evalin – January 1st
Riehlin – January 21st
Trezdin – January 30th
Madelin – February 2nd
Jaylin – February 9th
Irelin – June 23rd
Todd – July 6th
Cohin – August 19th
Ashlin – August 24th
Brealin – September 15th
Tami – September 22nd
Prestin – October 1st
Keegin – December 22nd

Here now, is what we are expecting to hear and experience now that we are expecting #12…

I expect to hear “don’t you know what causes it?” And I expect I’ll laugh as if it is the first time I’ve ever heard that playful question asked. I expect to hear this one a lot so now and then I may come back with a line like, “Yes, and I’m a big fan of it” or “No, but we’ve been noticing a pattern.”

I expect people will wonder if we are addicted to having babies. We’ve only been asked this question directly once, which leads me to believe many others have wondered the same thing but have never asked. Probably because it’s really a judgement posed as question.

I expect a number of fun loving older people will come up to us at dinner when we eat out and tell us that 12 is nothing compared to the family of 15 brothers and sisters they grew up with.

I expect people will ask, “Were you always aiming for a dozen?” To which I will likely reply, “We’ve heard things are cheaper that way.”

I’m expecting many people will ask in a somewhat playful but commanding tone “You are done now, right!?

I expect to hear many say “congratulations!” Some will say it with a sincere heart and others will say it because it’s just the “right thing to do.”

I expect that some people will ask, some will just talk in private (or wonder quietly to themselves) if Tami’s body can really handle having another baby… They carry the concern that she may be running out of “toner” like their copy machine at work.

I expect to be judged as “irresponsible” by those who pride themselves on independence and self reliance, however, I expect to enjoy the amazing body of believers who live interdependently because they have discovered the beauty of true biblical connection and community.

I expect that we will hear hundreds of women say, “I think it’s great!” And hundreds of men who will say, “Better you than me!”

I expect that classmates of our Jr. High and High School teens will ask, “Are your parents sex addicts?” (Yes, they have been asked this numerous times)

I expect hundreds of people will ask, “Are you trying to beat the Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar?” Or “Are you trying to get your own reality show?”

I expect to meet lots of women who will say, “I always wanted a big family.”

But beyond the positive and negative reactions and questions, I’m expecting a few other important things…

I expect to experience and witness once again, the amazing capacity love has to grow and expand. We may have limited resources when it comes to certain “things” in life, but love is not one of them. Love is the one resource that never runs out and has the ability to expand endlessly.

I expect that our life will be full of challenges but it will also be full of blessings. There will be tears and there will be hardships, but there will be joy and laughter as well.

Yes, I expect people’s reactions will be quite varied and mixed but regardless of anyone’s thoughts or opinions, my hope, my prayer and dare I say – my expectation is that our family will be a force to recon with for light, for love, for good and for the gospel.

Then Esau looked up and saw the women and children. “Who are these with you?” he asked. Jacob answered, “They are the children God has graciously given your servant.”

~ Genesis 33:5 ~

4 thoughts on “What to expect when you’re expecting your 12th child.

  1. God’s Blessings to you!!!
    Congratulations on # 12, May GOD richly bless you All in the days ahead and may all go well for a Healthy Delivery as well!!! Each and Every Child Our LORD Blesses us with is truly a Miracle and Delight!!!
    With Heartfelt Congrats~

  2. Loved reading this!! From knowing your family- I fall into the truly happy for you group!!! I just miss seeing you all and watching you grow!- Kyla

  3. After having 5 children and having been pregnant 9 times, I can relate to your post. In Psalms 127 it mentions …children are a reward from him (God). …Blessed is the man whose quiver ism full of them….That as always come to mind when people asked “If we knew what caused it” or “you’re done now, aren’t you?’ We have always felt blessed that the Lord trusted us enough to give us these children to raise and nurture. God Bless you!

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